Raise your spirits 

Colleges and Universities

The University ecosystem requires the development and maintenance of multiple constituent
relationships. As the ability to maintain these relationships becomes increasingly complex, we invite you to consider Raise Your Spirits' engagement platforms ("Experience(s)") as turnkey alternatives to the traditional options. These Experiences not only streamline execution and timing for your internal staff, but they are also a tool to engage with key stakeholders in a way that supports and enhances key relationships and enhances your college or university brand.   Learn more...

​Constituent Engagement 


If your donor/constituency engagement strategy currently includes dinners and receptions, golf
outings and, lecture series, or workshops for multiple dates or multiple cities/venues, we invite you to consider Raise Your Spirits' experiential tasting offerings ("Experience(s)") as turnkey alternatives to these commonly used approaches. These Experiences are a proven mechanism to:

* Increase attendance at donor engagement activities
* Increase new donor prospect follow-ups and conversions
* Make every interaction memorable
* Engage existing and prospective donors in a new and creative way

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