Raise your spirits 

Kevin, Max and Scott

Max F. Miller,  President and Chief Tasting Officer

Max hails from the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, a city with a history that is deeply intertwined into the very fabric of the United States.  His penchant for literature and the arts is only surpassed by his zeal for the finer things in life.  A successful attorney with an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, who has turned his endeavors towards the realm of brand management, Max has a hearty thirst for knowledge and for fine ales (a thirst quenched during his time spent in the United Kingdom) and fine spirits.  He is well versed in the differentiation of the complex flavors found in the super premium spirits and he enjoys reading about the history of the brands, the science behind production and the often whimsical anecdotes that are unique to each spirit. Having spent time in Europe, Asia, South America South Africa and the Middle East, Max has an appreciation for cultural variety and the global need for people to experience the finer things in life and to raise their spirits in both the literal and figurative sense. His vision is simple: make every experience memorable, exceptional and uniquely yours.

Max’s focus is on the Northeastern United States

Scott King, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Finance

A native of Chicago, Scott comes from a city steeped in the traditions of good food, fellowship and fine spirits.  While the days of Al Capone and the legendary speak-easies may precede him, there is no lack of passion in the relentless pursuit of the perfect steak, followed by a fine cigar and a tasty dram.  While receiving classic training in Marketing and Finance at the Wharton School, the combination of business and pleasure became a vision of reality instead of the paradigm of separation.  His career spans over two decades with various roles from production to sales and marketing in such blue chip companies as Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, and Home Depot.  His various roles have afforded him the opportunity to find the ideal balance between the business of pleasure and the true pleasure in business. 


Scott’s focus is on the Southeastern United States

Kevin S. Raiford, Executive Vice President, Operations

Kevin loves to nothing more than to hold a tumbler of bourbon when seated amongst his friends --- along with three aces before the flop. He was born in Pittsburgh where a shot and an Iron City chaser was a rite of passage likewise with braving the elements in Three Rivers Stadium with his dad. It was at the University of Pennsylvania where he met his partners and developed an appreciation for fine spirits. In between learning the “intricacies” of strategic finance at the Kenan-Flagler Graduate School of Business, Kevin studied the art of savoring special moments with a celebratory toast. Through his fifteen years of corporate experience with Fortune 100 companies, Kevin traveled extensively around the world refining his tastes. Kevin departed Silicon Valley and Hewlett Packard taking with him the delights of the Sonoma and Napa regions and settled into the quiet burg called Las Vegas. He requests that you join him and raise your tumbler:  “May the good times and good friends last longer than your pile of chips. Cheers!”


Kevin’s focus is on the Western United States

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